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  • Features

    • Implement live previewing for wrangler - xortive, pull/451

      The wrangler preview command now supports live previewing! As you develop your project, you can start up a link between your local codebase and the preview service by running wrangler preview --watch. Any updates to your project will be passed to the preview service, allowing you to instantly see any changes to your project. This is a massive improvement to the development process for building applications with Workers, and we're super excited to ship it!

      A huge shout-out to @xortive, who almost single-handedly built this feature during his summer internship at Cloudflare, over the last few months. Amazing work! 😍

    • Authenticate calls to preview service when possible - ashleymichal, issue/423 issue/431 pull/429

      This PR allows developers to use the preview service with account and user-specific functionality, such as KV support inside of the preview service. Previously, attempting to preview a Workers project with KV bindings would cause an error - this PR fixes that, by allowing wrangler preview to make authenticated calls to the preview service.

  • Documentation

  • Fixes

    • Fix ignoring exit code from spawnSync - run-wrangler.js - defjosiah, issue/433 issue/335 pull/432

      This PR fixes an issue where an NPM-installed wrangler would always return an exit code of 0, even when wrangler had errored. This improves wrangler's ability to be scripted, e.g. in CI projects.

  • Maintenance

    • [chore] Deny clippy warnings in CI, run rustfmt in --check mode - xortive, issue/426 pull/435

      This PR updates some of the CI steps for testing Wrangler, to make sure that rust-clippy warnings cause CI to fail. This helps Wrangler code stay well-written and consistent - hooray!

    • Nits: fix clippy warnings - xortive, pull/427

    • Add repository link to Cargo.toml - 56quarters, pull/425

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