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@github-actions github-actions released this Feb 26, 2020 · 81 commits to master since this release

  • Features

    • wrangler dev - EverlastingBugstopper, issue/845 pull/883

      wrangler dev is a local proxy server to Cloudflare's preview service, allowing you to automatically re-build and preview your application on localhost. This feature is in alpha and we're looking for feedback and bug reports: check out this issue!

      wrangler dev works very similarly to wrangler preview, but instead of opening your browser to preview your Worker, it will start a server on localhost that will execute your Worker on incoming HTTP requests:

      $ wrangler dev

      You should be able to send HTTP requests to localhost:8787, along with any headers or other request data, and your Worker should execute as expected. Additionally, you'll see console.log messages and exceptions appearing in your terminal (!!!).

      For more information on wrangler dev's options, such as passing a custom host, ip, or port, run wrangler dev in your terminal for the available flags and options.

    • Multi-route support - ashleymichal, issue/866 pull/916

      Wrangler now allows developers to publish their Workers projects to multiple routes on a Cloudflare zone.

      To deploy your Workers project to multiple routes, you can migrate from the route key to routes:

      name = "worker"
      type = "javascript"
      account_id = "youraccountid"
      # change this line
      # route = "*"
      # to this line
      routes = ["*", "*"]
      zone_id = "yourzoneid"
    • wrangler secret commands - ashleymichal, bradyjoslin, issue/907 issue/909 issue/912 pull/1045

      Wrangler now allows developers to use secrets in their Workers codebase. Secrets are secure values that can be accessed as constants, similar to text variables, inside of your Workers code.

      To set a secret, you can use wrangler secret put MY_SECRET_NAME. The interactive prompt will ask for the secret text you'd like to add to your project:

      $ wrangler secret put MY_SECRET_NAME
      Enter the secret text you'd like assigned to the variable MY_SECRET_NAME on the script named my-project

      Importantly, secrets are constrained to an environment, and do not carry over between different deployed Workers (e.g. my-worker and my-worker-production). This allows you to use different API keys, URLs, and other common "environment variable"-style values in your different environments. Specifying an environment can be done using the --env (or -e, for short):

      $ wrangler secret put MY_SECRET_NAME --env production
      Enter the secret text you'd like assigned to the variable MY_SECRET_NAME on the script named my-project-production

      The wrangler secret subcommand also allows developers to list and delete secrets for your Workers projects:

      $ wrangler secret delete MY_SECRET_NAME
      Are you sure you want to permanently delete the variable MY_SECRET_NAME on the script named my-project [y/n] y
      πŸŒ€  Deleting the secret MY_SECRET_NAME on script my-project.
      ✨  You've deleted the secret MY_SECRET_NAME.
      $ wrangler secret list
    • Plain text binding support - EverlastingBugstopper - issue/993 pull/1014
      In addition to secrets, Wrangler now also supports setting "plain text" bindings – values that will be available as constants in your Workers code, but aren't encrypted. This can be done by passing values in wrangler.toml under the vars key:

      name = "worker"
      type = "javascript"
      account_id = "your-account-id"
      workers_dev = true
      vars = { ENV = "staging" }
      vars = { ENV = "production" }
    • Return accounts and account IDs when running wrangler whoami - ashleygwilliams, issue/630 pull/983

      We've made big improvements to wrangler whoami, and now return a list of Cloudflare accounts and account IDs for your authenticated user. If you are unauthenticated, or something is wrong with your API key or token, we'll also return an error with this command to help you understand how to fix your authentication issues!


    • Configure sourcemap file - xtuc, issue/681 pull/1063

      webpack (by default) emits a sourcemap that maps to a main.js file, which doesn't match the Workers runtime's configured filename, worker.js. This causes exception reporting tools to be unable to process a Workers sourcemap file – we've updated our Webpack config to output the file worker.js and have fixed this issue.

    • Upload "draft" worker if secret is created before initial worker script has been uploaded - gabbifish, issue/913 pull/1087

      If your script hasn't yet been deployed to the Workers platform, creating and deleting secrets will also create a "draft" Worker – allowing you to still manage secret bindings before you deploy the first version of your script.

  • Maintenance

    • Correctly tar release binaries - EverlastingBugstopper, issue/1055 pull/1062

      This PR updates the way that release binaries are generated during Wrangler's release workflow.

    • Change NPM binary permissions - xtuc, pull/1058

      This PR removes an unnecessary executable permission from npm/binary.js.

    • Improvements to GitHub Actions build process - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1037

      This PR adds a number of improvements to wrangler's GitHub Actions workflows, including caching, release management, and more granular trigger conditions.

    • Add GitHub Actions badge to README - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1030

      This PR adds a GitHub Actions badge to our README, indicating whether the repo's builds are currently passing:

      Github Actions - Test Status

    • Test Rust with GitHub Actions - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1028
      This PR adds a GitHub Actions workflow for running wrangler's test suite on a number of platforms and Rust versions.

    • Add release checklist - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1021

      This PR adds a release checklist, documenting the steps that we use to release new versions of Wrangler. That checklist includes writing this CHANGELOG - very meta!!!

    • Update dependencies - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1000

      This PR updates some project dependencies as a result of running cargo update.

    • Run CI on pull requests, not pushes - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1090

      This PR changes the GitHub Actions workflow "event trigger" to fire on pull_request, not push. This will allow wrangler's GitHub Actions workflows to run on PRs sent from forks!

    • Zip .tar files in CI - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1069 pull/1080

      These PRs fix some issues in the GitHub Actions release workflow that were causing release artifacts to be incorrectly generated.

    • Fixes clippy warnings - EverlastingBugstopper, pull/1071

      This PR fixes some linting issues surfaced by clippy throughout the project.

    • Extract upload and deploy to lib modules - ashleymichal, pull/1075

      This PR refactors some of the underlying code used inside of wrangler publish, to create two higher-level upload and deploy modules. This work has already been used to support "draft workers" in #1087, and to reduce duplication of code between wrangler preview, wrangler dev, and wrangler publish.

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