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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Feb 27, 2017

Version 0.3.8
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Feb 27, 2017

Version 0.3.7
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Feb 27, 2017

Version 0.3.6
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 21, 2014

Bug fixes:


  • PageHandle now adds its classes on render and delegates back to backbone-pageable's get*Page methods in case it is a control handle.
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 17, 2014


  • Fix bug where when a PageableCollection is used, the previously sorted column's sort caret wouldn't reset after sorting on a different column. (#429)
  • Fix Backgrid.callByNeed for IE8.
  • Fix bug in IE8 caused by SelectCell's use of Array#indexOf. (#421)
  • bower.json's dependency section now declare jquery's min version to be 1.10.2.
  • Fix test cases for IE8


  • The anchor in sortable headers no longer renders an underline
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 14, 2014

  • Grid#sort will new correct reset the directions of the columns not being sorted on. (#426)
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 11, 2014

Bug fixes

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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 10, 2014

Bug fixes

  • Core
    • Grid#sort wasn't given a context. (#417)
    • Calling Grid#sort will now reset the columns' sorting carets correctly. (#417, #422)
    • SelectCell no longer broken on IE8. (#421)
    • Default sortValue comparator now no longer compares lexicographically. (#420)
  • Filter
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@wyuenho wyuenho released this Jan 8, 2014


  • Core
    • PercentFormatter
    • Formatters now accept an extra model parameter. (#263)
    • Column sortType for using asc/dec/insertion-order 3-way sorting or asc/dec 2-way sorting.
    • Column sortValue for extracting value for sorting from the model, and editable, sortable and renderable can now be functions. (#168, #219, #226)
    • The column's name is now added to the column header class list. (#214)
    • Ability to put the grid in a default sorted state and sorting programmatically.
    • The header can now be turned off.
    • Easier override of title and target for UriCell. (#242)
    • SelectCell.optionValues can now be a function
    • HeaderCell will rerender is the column's name or label has changed.
    • Trigger backgrid:next when the user is trying to move focus of a cell out of bound.
    • CommonJS support.
    • Official support for Bower and Component.
  • SelectAll
    • Toggles selected CSS class on the row.
    • Triggers backgrid:select-all on the collection when the select all checkbox is checked.
    • Grid#clearSelectedModels
    • Works with Backbone.PageableCollection under all modes now.
  • Paginator
  • Filter
    • Much better looking styling, dropped IE8 support.
    • Allow custom template to be supplied from the constructor


  • Core:
    • Replaced the make build system with Grunt
    • Moved all extensions into their own repositories
    • Much improved sorting. Sorting is now done in Body, where the HeaderCell merely triggers the right events and set the CSS classes. (#282)
    • HeaderCell no longer renders a sort caret if the column is not sortable
    • Removed all cell side borders
    • Center aligned column headers labels
    • All formatters are now specified to the column definition or a Cell subclass as a class, so no more type inconsistencies.
    • Sorting can be triggered by clicking anywhere on a HeaderCell
    • emptyText can now be a function. (#332)
    • SelectCell will now save the select value under all circumstances.
    • Requires Underscore ~1.5.2 and Backbone ~1.1.0.
  • Select2Cell
    • Requires select2 3.4.5.
  • MomentCell
    • Requires moment 2.1.0+.
  • TextCell
    • Requires Bootstrap 3.0.0+.
  • Filter
    • Removed dependency on Bootstrap.
    • Works backbone-pageable 1.4.4.
    • Use data attributes for event handler binding.
    • Show the clear button only when the search box is filled.
    • More flexible default work breaking Regexp for the ClientSideFilter to work for more langauges.
  • Paginator
    • The way to disable page handles and controls have been changed. Please read the docs for details.

Bug fixes

  • Core
    • Fixed a number of errors resulted from moving focus to a different cell (#169, #177)
    • Fixed cell padding for IE
    • Fixed a JS error in IE8 in the Command class where the char reserved keyword was used (#195)
    • Fixed a number of CSS inconsistencies for multiple select for IE (#210, #258)
    • Correctly throw exceptions for optionValues inside SelectCell. (#274)
    • The checkbox of a BooleanCell is no longer checkable when its column's editable attribute is false. (#322)
    • Template variables no longer clash with global variables.
    • Unstyle IE 10 remove buttons on input boxes.
  • SelectAll
    • Cleanly remove references to unselected models (#207)
    • SelectRowCell and SelectAllCell will not be hidden by default. (#238)
  • Filter
    • Fixed issue where lunr.js is required even if LunrFilter is not used (#200)
    • No more RangeErrors when using Filter with Pageable and backgrid-paginator.
    • Clicking on a cell after filtering no longer fails. (#190)
    • Paging after filtering will no longer reset the collection. (#194)
    • Reset collection when the LunrFilter's search box is empty. (cloudflarearchive/backgrid-filter#10)
    • Go back to the first page when on new search
  • Paginator
    • Many many bug fixes. This is basically a complete rewrite that's functionally on par with previous versions.
  • Select2Cell
    • Fixed many focus and CSS issues.
  • TextCell
    • Upgraded template and event handlers to support Bootstrap 3.
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Jan 1, 2014
Version 0.3.0-beta