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81 lines (53 sloc) 2.57 KB for App detail page is your marketing copy, known as the App detail page. Here's one live example of an App detail page. -- as seen in the source of this example -- must be formatted in Markdown.

This content will be rendered and displayed at[APP-KEY] where [APP-KEY] is your CloudFlare-approved key, used in the directory path, among other places.


You may put one or more images in your App detail page, such as screenshots of how your App appears on a site.

For an image to appear, you need to do three things:

  1. Add the image to your repo
  2. Reference the image in the "detail_page" section of the cloudflare.json file.
  3. Link to the image in the file (this page).

Please limit images on the app detail page to no more than 708 pixels wide.

###Adding image to your repo

Image must be in PNG format and use the .png file extension.

Recommended: place your images within /public/images in your repo. However, you may place images anywhere in your repo.

Make sure that images do not have the same base name.

CloudFlare does not maintain your repo's directory structure when processing and referencing the images.


Images don't track versions. Any change to an image that is approved will be live right away, even if the new version is still in beta. We recommend you change the image filename if you change the image.

###Reference image in cloudflare.json

To be included, each image must be referenced in the "assets" section, within the "detail_page" area, of the cloudflare.json file.


    "logos" : {
    	"200px": "./public/images/logo-200.png",
    	"132px": "./public/images/logo-132.png"
    "detail_page" : [

###Include image link in

When the markdown is rendered for display on, images used are those that match all three conditions:

  • in the repo
  • referenced in the cloudflare.json file
  • linked in the file

Images will be hosted in /images/apps/[APP-KEY]

The link must use that reference.

As code, where "sample" is the APP-KEY:

![Sample image](/images/apps/sample/example.png "Has to be a png")

An image link like the one below, for example.png, will work on your app page, although it will not work on GitHub.

Sample image