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Slide it

Slide it allows for you to slide to a specific slide number in your nivo slideshow. This has not been tested using multiple slideshows on one page. It has been tested in FF12, Chrome 18, and IE9.


Simply insert a link into your document with the following syntax:

<a name="slideTo#NUM#" rel="#SLIDE#">

Replace #NUM# with anything you want, all you need is to make sure the slideTo is in the name. Replace #SLIDE# with the number of the slide you want to link to. (This is based on the first image in the slideshow being 1).


Try our demo site:

Where is the Change?

The code has been changed at line: 204 - 212, if you would like to view what changes we have made.


This script is provided as-is and may not work as intended, etc. If you have problems feel free to post to our issues page.

Thanks, Justin


If you really like this solution feel free to help us out and donate towards further development:

Thanks again!