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bin CFID-135: Fixed the copyright notices
config Switch acm to use em threads.
db/migrations CFID-135: Fixed the copyright notices
lib Fix object cleanup to delete access control
log Log files added to the repo.
spec Route to query an object based on name.
vendor/cache Vendor vcap_logging 1.0.0
.gitignore Tidy up the build
Gemfile CFID-135: Fixed the copyright notices
Gemfile.lock Vendor vcap_logging 1.0.0
LICENSE.TXT Updates to the ACM Update
Rakefile CFID-135: Fixed the copyright notices

Cloud Foundry Access Control Manager (ACM)

The ACM is a service that allows cloud foundry components to implement access control features.

The ACM documentation is at docs/Access-Control-Manager-APIs.rst

To run, execute ./bin/acm

To run the tests, execute bundle exec rake spec The test logs are spec/spec.log

File a Bug

Use the Github Issues feature in the appropriate repository to file a bug against Cloud Foundry Open Source and its components,

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