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ec2 to aws

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@mreider mreider authored
28 source/docs/running/deploying-cf/ec2/
@@ -19,6 +19,7 @@ The bosh AWS bootstrapper currently expects the Cloud Foundry / BOSH installatio
Create a working directory and prepare a bundler Gemfile to install the necessary components.
<pre class="terminal">
+$ git clone ~/workspace/bosh
$ mkdir ~/bosh-deployments
$ cd ~/bosh-deployments
$ touch Gemfile
@@ -92,10 +93,10 @@ Note: for the availability zones - look at
Create a file called bosh_environment and add the following
-export BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN=cloud
export BOSH_AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=your_key_asdv34tdf
-export BOSH_WORKSPACE= ~/bosh-deployments
+export BOSH_WORKSPACE=~/bosh-deployments
export BOSH_AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=your_secret_asdf34dfg
export BOSH_MICRO_AMI=ami-d024b6b9
export BOSH_VPC_SECONDARY_AZ=us-east-1a
@@ -108,31 +109,10 @@ Use "source" to set them for the current shell;
$ source ~/bosh-deployments/bosh_environment
-Currently, the standard configuration template is set up for a domain call, these settings need slight adjustment, edit the file `~/workspace/bosh/bosh_aws_bootstrap/templates/aws_configuration_template.yml.erb`. For example, if was to change to
- domain: <%= ENV["BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN"] %>
- - bucket_name: <%= (ENV["BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN"] || raise("Missing ENV variable BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN")) + "-bosh-blobstore" %>
-would change to;
- domain: <%= ENV["BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN"] %>
- - bucket_name: <%= (ENV["BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN"] || raise("Missing ENV variable BOSH_VPC_SUBDOMAIN")) + "my-cloud-bosh-blobstore" %>
-Set the domain and then the bucket name to something unique, this needs to be unique across the entire AWS availability zone.
Run `bosh aws create` to create a gateway, subnets, an RDS database, and a cf_nat_box instance for Cloud Foundry subnet routing.
-NOTE: As of April 5 - the gem has a hardcoded domain. Until a new gem is released you must use `~/workspace/bosh/bin/bosh aws create` instead
+NOTE: As of April 5 you must use `~/workspace/bosh/bin/bosh aws create` - once a new gem is released this note will be deleted.
<pre class="terminal">
2  source/docs/running/deploying-cf/
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ title: Deploying Cloud Foundry with BOSH
* [Local Setup](../bosh/setup/index.html)
-* [Deploying to EC2](ec2/index.html)
+* [Deploying to AWS](ec2/index.html)
* [Deploying to OpenStack](openstack/index.html)
* [Deploying to vSphere](vsphere/index.html)
* [Deploying to vCloud Director](vcloud/index.html)
2  source/
@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ For dev/ops people managing instances of Cloud Foundry.
* [Deploying Cloud Foundry with BOSH](docs/running/deploying-cf/index.html)
- * [Deploying to EC2](docs/running/deploying-cf/ec2/index.html)
+ * [Deploying to AWS](docs/running/deploying-cf/ec2/index.html)
* [Deploying to OpenStack](docs/running/deploying-cf/openstack/index.html)
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