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git shortlog 2113fe7..adda82e
Alex Jackson and Pieter Noordhuis (17):
      Properly assign netmask variable
      Merge branch 'master' into snapshot-restore
      Add tmp directory to insecure skeleton
      Fix tests
      Rename netmask -> pooled_netmask for clarity
      Refactor oom.c to use select(2)
      Make oom process die when parent dies
      Make port pool configurable
      Log configuration on start
      Restart oom notifier on restore
      Test that wshd isn't killed when warden is killed
      Move all snapshot related logic to base.rb
      Be more specific in matching errors
      Set active state in after create
      Remove obsoleted dirty_snapshot_marker code
      Destroy containers than cannot be recovered
      Test that a container is alive before restoring it

Amit Gupta and Pieter Noordhuis (11):
      Add Travis configuration
      Fix for 32-bit systems
      Fix warning about unused variable
      Don't fail fast
      Merge branch 'snapshot-restore'
      Fix netcat related tests
      Fix other netcat related tests
      Run every insecure job in a new session
      Enhance precondition for stop tests
      Update em-posix-spawn
      Add Travis widget to README

Anfernee Gui (2):
      [bugfix] read/write should set 0 as default hup
      Do not treat -- in the middle as a field

Pieter Noordhuis (10):
      Redirect stdout/stderr of wshd
      Move restore logic to container instance
      Liberate access to resources hash
      Keep track of net_in/net_out in container snapshot
      Always recover container snapshots
      Specify network pool as address/mask
      Use pooled network for SNAT rule
      Merge "Specify network pool as address/mask"
      Merge "Use pooled network for SNAT rule"

Yang Yang (1):
      do quotaoff  when disk quota is disabled

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