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Diego-Beta CLI Plugin

This plugin is for CLI v6.12.4 and older. It has been replaced by CLI v6.13.0+, which incorporates some of the commands from this plugin, and the Diego-Enabler plugin, which includes the enable-diego and disable-diego commands.

This plugin enable Diego-specific features, and also allows pushing docker image. For more detail information of running apps on Diego, see here


#####Install from Url (v.6.8.0+) OSX

cf install-plugin


cf install-plugin


cf install-plugin

#####Install from Binary file (v.6.7.0)

  • Download the binary win64 linux64 osx
  • Install plugin $ cf install-plugin <binary_name>

##Full Command List

command usage description
enable-diego cf enable-diego App_Name enable diego for an app
disable-diego cf disable-diego App_Name disable diego for an app
has-diego-enabled cf has-diego-enabled App_Name check if diego is enabled for an app
set-health-check cf set-health-check App_Name port set health_check_type flag to either port or none
get-health-check cf get-health-check App_Name get value of health_check_type flag for an app
docker-push cf docker-push APP_NAME DOCKER_IMAGE [Options]

cf docker-push test-app user/docker_path -c
push a docker image as an app

-c: set start command
--no-start: Do not start app after push
--no-route: Do not create route for app