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Google Cloud Platform Proxy Service Broker

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Warning: This proxy will not function until async bindings are supported in Cloud Foundry.

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This broker proxies requests to Google's hosted service broker. It handles the OAuth flow and allows the Google Cloud Platform Service Broker to be registered in Cloud Foundry.


go get -u

Deploying to Cloud Foundry

  1. Install the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) tools
    1. gcloud components install beta
    2. gcloud components install kubectl
    3. gcloud auth login
    4. gcloud auth application-default login
  2. Install the customized Google Service Catalog (SC) tool
    1. go get -u
  3. Use the SC tool to enable the Google Hosted Broker
    1. sc advanced create-gcp-broker
    2. Take note of the broker URL.
  4. Configure the broker by setting the environment variables in the manifest.yml.
    1. Set the USERNAME & PASSWORD to the basic authentication credentials you use to register the proxy with Cloud Foundry.
    2. Set the BROKER_URL to the URL output by the SC tool.
    3. Set SERVICE_ACCOUNT_JSON to your GCP Service account JSON
      • We recommend the service account role Service Broker Operator
  5. make build-linux
  6. cf push
  7. Run cf apps and take note of the pushed application's URL
  8. cf create-service-broker gcp-broker <username> <password> <app_url>


The Cloud Foundry team uses GitHub and accepts contributions via pull request.

Need help?

If you need any help, have any questions or have found a bug, please open a GitHub issue in this project. You can also reach the Cloud Foundry Services API team who maintain this through our Slack Channel.



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