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# Local_route is the IP address of a well known server on your network, it
# is used to choose the right ip address (think of hosts that have multiple nics
# and IP addresses assigned to them) of the host running the Health Manager. Default
# value of nil, should work in most cases.
# message bus URI, adjust as needed.
# Can be overriden with MBUS_URI env variable.
mbus: nats://nats:nats@
level: info
# pid: /var/vcap/sys/run/
# set this to your dev instance api url
# the default for the bulk_api host is
# how often the desired state is updated
desired_state_update: 60
# if the desired state has not been updated for this period,
# the desired stated is deemed lost
# (e.g., application has been removed from the ccdb)
desired_state_lost: 180
# when a database update is requested but one is in progress,
# the new update is postponed this many seconds
postpone_update: 30
# droplet is assumed lost after that many seconds of missing heartbeats
droplet_lost: 30
# droplets enumerated and analyzed every droplet_analysis seconds
droplets_analysis: 20
# when number of recent instance crashes exceeds flapping_death,
# the instance is declared flapping
flapping_death: 1
# crashes are deemed recent for the purposes of flapping
# determination if they happened within this timeout
flapping_timeout: 500
# for flapping apps, this is starting value of exponentially increasing
# delays before a restart attempt
min_restart_delay: 60
# for flapping apps, this is the maximum, capping value of the capped
# exponentially increasing delays before a restart attempt
max_restart_delay: 480
# delay time is randomized with noise not exceeding this value
delay_time_noise: 10
# stop attempting to restart flapping apps after this number of crashes.
# use negative value to never give up!
giveup_crash_number: 4
# a batch of start/stop requests is dequed every request_queue seconds
request_queue: 1
# start/stop requests are dequeued in batches of this size
queue_batch_size: 40
# period of inactivity after which a droplet is garbage-collected
droplet_gc_grace_period: 240
# how often should the gc loop for droplets run
droplet_gc: 300
# Used for /healthz and /vars endpoints. If not provided random
# values will be generated on component start. Uncomment to use
# static values.
port: 54321
user: thin
password: thin