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+# Contributing to Health Manager
+The Cloud Foundry team uses GitHub and accepts contributions via
+[pull request](
+## Contributor License Agreement
+Follow these steps to make a contribution to any of our open source repositories:
+1. Ensure that you have completed our CLA Agreement for
+ [individuals]( or
+ [corporations](
+1. Set your name and email (these should match the information on your submitted CLA)
+ git config --global "Firstname Lastname"
+ git config --global ""
+## General Workflow
+1. Fork the repository
+1. Create a feature branch (`git checkout -b better_health_manager`)
+1. Make changes on your branch
+1. Run tests `bundle exec rspec`
+1. Push to your fork (`git push origin better_health_manager`) and submit a pull request
+We favor pull requests with very small, single commits with a single purpose.
+Your pull request is much more likely to be accepted if:
+* Your pull request includes tests
+* Your pull request is small and focused with a clear message that conveys the intent of your change
@@ -186,3 +186,7 @@ Here are the log levels, with examples of what they're being used for:
* `info` - HM registered a new VCAP component, HM is shutting down
* `debug2` - HM received a heartbeat from a DEA, HM compares an app's desired and known states
* `debug` - HM starts/stops an instance
+## Contributing
+Please read the [contributors' guide](

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