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$ mvn test -P integration
+# Contributing to the Login Server
+Here are some ways for you to get involved in the community:
+* Get involved with the Cloud Foundry community on the mailing lists.
+ Please help out on the
+ [mailing list](!forum/vcap-dev)
+ by responding to questions and joining the debate.
+* Create [github]( tickets for bugs and new features and comment and
+ vote on the ones that you are interested in.
+* Github is for social coding: if you want to write code, we encourage
+ contributions through pull requests from
+ [forks of this repository]( If you
+ want to contribute code this way, please reference an existing issue
+ if there is one as well covering the specific issue you are
+ addressing. Always submit pull requests to the "develop" branch.
+* Watch for upcoming articles on Cloud Foundry by
+ [subscribing]( to the
+ blog

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