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-rebase and get working with latest warden.
-add npm support
-add rack helper unit test for server.rb.
-look at removing the copy into the public inbox.
-write comment explaing how inbox works.
-deal with XXX's
-load testing for local gems.
-put in protection from massive gems being downloaded -- look at params to wget --
consider replacing with handrolled em-based altentive to enforce quota.
-watch dog timer for run_restricted. >> do something smart with move to containers around this.
-kind of nasty bug in inbox -- since file name is defined by content, user
could deny ability of another user to add a local gem by creating place holder
files that fill in the inbox. one way to solve this -- which is a gross hack
but will work, is by appending a secure nonce to the front of the file,
then renaming into an imports directory on the secure import and dropping
the nonce.
-another inbox consideration is ensuring that files do not linger in the inbox.
a per-user storage quota should at least provide an upper bound on space consumed,
a periodic cleaning of the inbox (say of files who have been there over some short
fixed interval (say 2 minutes) might also be a good measure.
-add functional test for error handling.
-add back pressure when we hit a limit on number of outstanding requests, stager
can back off and retry.