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software defect data warehouse, extracts defects from multiple sources, normalizes defect information, and provides restful api to access the warehouse.


  • ruby 1.9.2-p290 or greater (not tested with 1.9.3)
  • sinatra
  • thin
  • postgresql
  • sqlite3 (for development)
  • activerecord
  • highline


  1. clone the source from gerrit
    gerrit clone ssh://
  1. bundle install
    bundle install
  1. create a config file
    rake config # input postgresql username and password
  1. create the database
    rake db:migrate
  1. set environment # default is development which uses sqlite3
    export RACK_ENV=production
  1. start up the web server
    bundle exec thin start -d -p <port>   # e.g. bundle exec thin start -d -p 8000
  1. stop the web server
    thin stop


  • on occassion, the thin stop command fails to shutdown the server in which case you'll need to kill the process manually via the kill command
    kill -9 PID