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Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. [cc][fix] Remove old droplets when using the new stager.

    mpage authored
    The new code for updating droplets staged with the new stager didn't
    remove the previous droplet (if any).
    Change-Id: Ieadc2d25d0e1fc66cf98443162a9c40f7171d35f
Commits on Feb 22, 2012
  1. less spamy dea advertisment logging

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I49ccdcdf9b12eff1cbd103fa7932cf2cf152f8fc
  2. @pietern

    Merge "warden: Change link order to work for gcc 4.6"

    pietern authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  3. @pietern

    Merge "warden: Don't request a pseudo-tty for job runs"

    pietern authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  4. @pietern

    Merge "warden: Use overlayfs on 12.04"

    pietern authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  5. @pietern

    warden: Change link order to work for gcc 4.6

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I112fdf488311187d616a2859ec5048c640db0770
  6. @pietern

    warden: Don't request a pseudo-tty for job runs

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I9c19547078b273f2a52c47089d050397d4a9b8f7
  7. @pietern

    warden: Use overlayfs on 12.04

    pietern authored
    The Ubuntu team is deprecating aufs for overlayfs starting with 12.04.
    Change-Id: I013cf25b2574d076b693a7d154ba13dbd8db9edf
Commits on Feb 21, 2012
  1. @d

    Merge "[CC] Update Unit Tests for fetch_fibered"

    d authored Gerrit Code Review committed
Commits on Feb 17, 2012
  1. @pietern

    warden: Fix error where container could be destroyed twice

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: Ic724f89a764505f375211169fdea5c99255998e2
  2. @pietern

    warden: Remove artifacts after spec run via

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I1ed5160704f87edb272f99dcd5f04f3db97c8d47
  3. @pietern

    warden: Remove obsolete code

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: If279946ae272d65ad3795da18d7286a7a7d2e18f
  4. @pietern

    warden: Move tool to separate dir and fix build process

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I2fd62cd14ce6779d2416765b446daf732d02470a
  5. @d

    [CC] Raise the right error when staging

    d authored
      Updated StagingTaskLog to raise StagingTimeoutError when timed out
    from fetching redis value.
      Unit tests have also been added to exercise the errback code path.
    Change-Id: Id2b04acc43eb08fe616ddee3f86cb4b23aa40b83
  6. @d

    [CC] Refactor tests for StagingTaskLog

    d authored
      Refactored unit tests for StagingTaskLog#fetch_fibered.
      Tests: passed unit tests
    Change-Id: Ic2b05efba61ebcb25962e8356b2f416a8148eda9
  7. @d

    [CC] Update Unit Tests for fetch_fibered

    d authored
      This change adds unit tests for StagingTaskLog#fetch_fibered.
      - Add tests for StagingTaskLog#fetch_fibered
      - Removes StagingTaskLog#fetch
      - Change parameter ordering in StagingTaskLog#fetch_fibered
    Change-Id: Ic05ab9f552d542dc88b936e3dcb5562ef80bb457
  8. bump vcap_common to 1.0.8 for hm

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: Idc8f4288157863362173145719016627e6dd6972
  9. bump vcap_{common,staging,stager} for cc

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: Ib1b1a3cebb6604a14eb8c2a844c62bd8a5abe35f
  10. explicitly require openssl in cc appconfig

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    at some point this was getting loaded from some other require
    and we were getting it for free, and now we are not
    Change-Id: Id37c1edbd0c874ac50a3aa20d1502eedd6e9b38c
  11. bump vcap_common to 1.0.8 and vcap_stating to 0.1.38 for stager

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: Ifdc872026af8a69c39602d6a8a279ea73a8e6c50
  12. staging gem bumped to 0.1.13 with vcap_common 1.0.8

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I2467854b51376fb2964dededee3323dbcbdd4045
  13. bump vcap_common to 1.0.8 for router

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    and remove stale require 'logging'
    Change-Id: I32fe37fa2d54800945b79ada8df885bf86ee9383
  14. bump vcap_common to 1.0.8 in package cache

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I3f60c08e0094a7ad37ee492191b1af8c3e88f038
  15. disable dea disk threshold in the unit tests

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    yes.. I was burned by this. my / mount point is 98% full and
    the default value caused the unit tests to fail
    Change-Id: I7cbfc8f74967ae196ac9f847514b78c50a376088
  16. bump vcap_common to 1.0.8 in dea

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I0f1b69bbdfe7e341d8624d625eaf30b55f8ddba4
  17. bump nats to 0.4.22.beta.8 in vcap_common

    Patrick Bozeman authored
    Change-Id: I7fb4ce0255c193e3aa550f677a73138197dc88c0
  18. @d

    Merge "[CC] Ensure temp files live long enough"

    d authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  19. @d

    Merge "[CC] Remove unreferenced variable"

    d authored Gerrit Code Review committed
  20. @pietern

    warden: Run in its own mount namespace

    pietern authored
    This prevents filesystem mounts from leaking back to the host when is killed before it has a chance to unmount.
    Change-Id: Ib2b55a21656598a527193ad092838fae6e453143
  21. @d

    [CC] Ensure temp files live long enough

    d authored
      Tempfile objects were out of scope when they were still needed, this
    can cause unexpected and inconsistent test result. Fixed by "leaking"
    those objects.
      Test plan: pass unit tests, apparently ;)
    Change-Id: Idcbb55f8c2ee9ae3536ae93d645c2e28bcaf9ce0
  22. @d

    [CC] Remove unreferenced variable

    d authored
      Clean up Cloud Controller code: nonce was probably intended for inbox,
    but stayed there while inbox came in...
      Tests: passed unit tests after finding a bug there too
      Next steps: fix the unit tests...
    Change-Id: I71c6e273c5496ca244f1cc2ef951a2b595cef4a6
  23. @pietern

    warden: Ignore calls to `mesg`

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I0279b111c44a030c90aa697c12f0e2176257febf
Commits on Feb 16, 2012
  1. @pietern

    warden: Separate killing, stopping and destroying

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I24feb37e1b10278c92df884fe106eb98534ea199
  2. @pietern

    warden: Cache paths that don't change

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: Ic393853145a63a7230663ef343724dc6541cd502
  3. @pietern

    warden: Remove unused method

    pietern authored
    Change-Id: I58e1e206b439803324d32fe9a461815f7adbf4fb
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