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Bosh release for CloudFoundry NG Admin UI

One of the fastest ways to get admin-ui running on any infrastructure is too deploy this bosh release.


To use this BOSH release, first upload it to your bosh:

bosh upload release

To deploy it you will need the source repository that contains templates:

git clone
cd admin-ui-boshrelease
git checkout v11
git submodule update

bosh-lite/warden deployments

Make sure you have deployed Cloud Foundry first. With Cloud Foundry deployed to your bosh-lite run:

./make_manifest warden
bosh deploy
bosh run errand register_admin_ui

Now you can browse to and login with your cloud foundry admin user.


When deployed you can register the admin-ui with the uaa by running:

bosh run errand register_admin_ui

To deregister the admin-ui you can run:

bosh run errand deregister_admin_ui

Create new final release

To create a new final release you need to get read/write API credentials to the @cloudfoundry-community s3 account.

Please email Dr Nic Williams and he will create unique API credentials for you.

Create a config/private.yml file with the following contents:

    access_key_id:     ACCESS
    secret_access_key: PRIVATE

You can now create final releases for everyone to enjoy!

bosh create release
# test this dev release
git commit -m "updated admin-ui"
bosh create release --final
git commit -m "creating vXYZ release"
git tag vXYZ
git push origin master --tags
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