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@@ -12,15 +12,18 @@ If you have an AWS or OpenStack account then you can deploy a running Cloud Foun
**You should not need to know anything before running this tutorial.** If you do this tutorial and you feel it was too complex or you needed to know something additional, please [create a ticket](
+## Run these steps on your local laptop/desktop
-# on your laptop
gem install bosh-bootstrap
bosh-bootstrap deploy
# prompts for AWS/OpenStack credentials
# and some other fields that you can
# just press Enter for.
-# SSH into inception VM (also see 'tmux' and 'mosh' commands)
+## SSH into inception VM and run these commands on that inception VM
+### (also see 'tmux' and 'mosh' commands)
bosh-bootstrap ssh
bosh cf prepare system production

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