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Concourse resource for bosh cloud/runtime config
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BOSH Config Resource

A resource that will allow updating cloud and runtime configs using the BOSH CLI v2.

Adding to your pipeline

To use the BOSH Deployment Resource, you must declare it in your pipeline as a resource type:

- name: bosh-config
  type: docker-image
    repository: cfcommunity/bosh-config-resource

Source Configuration

  • target: Optional. The address of the BOSH director which will be used for the deployment. If omitted, target_file must be specified via out parameters, as documented below.
  • client: Required. The username or UAA client ID for the BOSH director.
  • client_secret: Required. The password or UAA client secret for the BOSH director.
  • ca_cert: Required. CA certificate used to validate SSL connections to Director and UAA. If omitted, the director's certificate must be already trusted.
  • config: Required. Type of config to update, valid values are: cloud and runtime
  • name: Optional. Property for named-configs. If omitted, will default to default


- name: staging
  type: bosh-config
    client: admin
    client_secret: admin
    ca_cert: "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n-----END CERTIFICATE-----"
    config: cloud
    name: my-named-config


in: Download most recent config from BOSH director

This will download the config manifest. It will place two files in the target directory:

  • {cloud,runtime}-config.yml: The config manifest
  • version: The sha1 of the config manifest

Note: Only the most recent version is fetchable

out: Update config on BOSH director

This will upload any given stemcells and releases, lock them down in the deployment manifest and then deploy.


  • manifest: Required. Path to a BOSH config manifest file.
  • releases: Array of paths to bosh releases to upload
# Update config
- put: staging
    manifest: path/to/manifest.yml
      - path/to/first/release
      - path/to/second/release
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