Pivotal Tracker Instructions

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Community Advisory Board, PMC Schedules

Developing CF

Latest CF Releases

Roadmap and Trackers

See CFF official project list.

Roadmaps are reflected in pivotal trackers. Tracker Instructions and steps to watch stories. Here is a flat list of all trackers:


Maybe other CIs hosted on cf-app.com are mentioned in slack ?

Using CF

Running CF


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Pivotal Tracker instances are publicly available in view mode. Learn about Pivotal Tracker here.

Please do not ask to become a member of the Tracker project as it spams everyone. We want to keep discussion on the mailing lists as much as possible. To talk about a tracker story, please copy the story URL as shown in this image then post to the appropriate mailing list.

An ongoing effort to mirror Pivotal Tracker projects to github issue started at https://github.com/orange-cloudfoundry/pivotaltrackermirror which enables self-service notification subscriptions.