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Release Notes

The cf-release v176 was released on 7/24/2014

Release Highlights

  • This release will truncate your events table of the CCDB. If you need data in that table, please perform an export prior to upgrading to v175.

  • As part of the work to add the new notifications component, there is a requirement to add a UAA client to the cf manifest.

This client requires the cf operator to provide a secret in a stub file. Creating a manifest without a secret provided will cause errors.

The necessary addition is to the stub is:

        secret: your-super-secure-secret
  • Changed CC to use HM9000's bulk app state API. This should be more efficient for spaces with lots of apps.

  • Added the /v2/apps/:guid/instances/:index endpoint, against which a DELETE kills the app instance at the specified index

  • Allow operators to specify custom fields in the /v2/info endpoint


Deployed with

  • BOSH Version: 91

  • Stemcell Version: bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu/2366 (lucid, ruby-agent)

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