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Launches the Kibana UI (from kibana-me-logs) for an application
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Launches the Kibana UI (from kibana-me-logs) for an application.


Learn more about using CLI plugins from


From community plugin repo:

$ cf add-plugin-repo community
$ cf install-plugin kibana-me-logs -r community

From source, see the Development section below.


To upgrade you must first uninstall the plugin and then install as above:

$ cf uninstall-plugin kibana-me-logs


$ cf kibana-me-logs <app> [--no-auth]

Will launch the Kibana UI and show logs for the requested app.

It assumes that <app> is the an app bound to the same logstash14 logstash service.

cf kibana-me-logs will automatically generate a user/password for you to use in conjunction with your kibana-me-logs app, unless you provide the --no-auth option.

Advanced Usage

To use a custom kibana-me-logs repo, specify the repo URL in the KIBANA_ME_LOGS_REPO environment variable.

To bypass cloning kibana-me-logs, and use a local source directory, specify the path in the KIBANA_ME_LOGS_APP_DIR environment variable.

To use a custom temp directory (overriding /tmp), for holding the kibana-me-logs repo being pushed, use the TMP_DIR environment variable.


To build from source, first fetch the Cloud Foundry CLI project and generate its internal go files:

go get
cd $GOPATH/src/

Next fetch this project:

$ go get
$ cf install-plugin $GOPATH/bin/cf-plugin-kibana-me-logs

There is a helper to uninstall, build, install, and run the plugin:

./bin/ <ARGS>

Or manually:

cf uninstall-plugin kibana-me-logs
go get ./...
cf install-plugin $GOPATH/bin/cf-plugin-kibana-me-logs
cf kibana-me-logs <ARGS>

Or a one-liner:

cf uninstall-plugin kibana-me-logs; go get ./...; cf install-plugin $GOPATH/bin/cf-plugin-kibana-me-logs && cf kibana-me-logs <ARGS>

Bump version & release

There is a helper script to bump the version number VERSION file and regenerate the gobindata version.go file:

export VERSION=X.Y.Z
./bin/ $VERSION
git commit -a -m "bump v$VERSION"
git push

Put the output from into the cloudfoundry-incubator/cli-plugin-repo repository and submit a pull request to update

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