Cloud Foundry runner for the cloud-ide Codenvy
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Cloud Foundry runner for the cloud-ide Codenvy.

Codenvy let you code directly in your browser and in add provide a way to execute your current code directly online with docker container. see this 3min video: Creating Java Apps With Eclipse Che to see the magic.

But there is no runner for cloud foundry this repo let you use Cloud Foundry as a runner and show log from Cloud Foundry.


  1. Create an account on Codenvy
  2. Create or import a project in your dashboard
  3. Create a manifest.yml on your root directory project in codenvy (see: )
  4. In your environment click on bottom on the tab runner. The runner tab will appear.
  5. Choose the tab Configs from it
  6. You will see 2 option list: Type and Scope, on Scopechoose all and it will show you a list of provided runner.
  7. In this list choose one and click on copy on the right you will have a new custom runner wich start by Environment
  8. Select this new runner and replace the text area called Dockerfile by this content and replace at the beggining of the file your cloud foundry api url, your cloud foundry login...
  9. Click on Save
  10. Run it by clicking on the play icon
  11. Your app will be pushed, logs will be tailed and codenvy will provide you an url which will redirect to your current running app on Cloud Foundry

Note: You can ask help on issues if some points are not very clear.