Cloud Foundry buildpack for the CppCMS web framework.
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A buildpack for deploying CppCMS applications.


Your application must have a config file in its root directory named cppcms.js. This file is where the buildpack will inject environment configuration, such as the listen port.

You must provide a Makefile whose default target will compile the cppcms executable referenced by your start command.

Finally, the default start command will be make run, meaning that the buildpack expects there to be a run target. If you prefer, you may provide a custom start command, either through an application manifest or on the cf push commandline.


The CppCMS headers and libraries will be available at the cppcms/ subdirectory, so a working command might look like:

	c++ hello.cpp -o hello -Lcppcms/lib -Icppcms/include -lcppcms -lbooster -lz

example Makefile

default: hello

	./hello -c cppcms.js

hello: hello.cpp
	c++ hello.cpp -o hello -Lcppcms/lib -Icppcms/include -lcppcms -lbooster -lz

	rm -f hello

example app

There's a "hello world" app in test/fixtures/hello-world that you can deploy by using the command:

cf push appname -b

the libraries

The cppcms libraries were compiled by cloudfoundry/binary-builder, specifically the code at this experimental branch.


static versus shared linking

currently the cppcms tarball contains both shared and static libraries. it shouldn't.

we may also want to figure out how to do static linking, but this page indicates it may not actually be easy or desirable.

should config.js get handled in the default start command?

currently we're doing it in .profile.d/


Copyright 2016, Mike Dalessio

The buildpack is released under the Apache 2.0 license, see LICENSE for for the full text.

Compiled CppCMS bits are distributed under the LGPLv3.

I am not a lawyer, and so have no idea if the previous two statements are compatible with each other. Let me know if you have thoughts.