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BOSH Release for DC/OS
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BOSH release for dcos

This BOSH release and deployment manifest deploy a DC/OS cluster.


Start by configuring your cloud config for the infrastructure you would like to deploy to and then deploy:

export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=<bosh-alias>
bosh deploy manifests/dcos.yml

There currently are no credentials required you can omit the --vars-store flag.

Create a Development Release & Deploy

If you would like to test out local modifications of this release you can create, upload and redeploy a development release:

bosh create-release --force && \
  bosh -n upload-release && \
  bosh deploy manifests/dcos.yml

Architecture Overview

The goal of this BOSH Release is to make it as simple as possible to maintain the DC/OS bootstrap scripting while leveraging the features of BOSH to create and monitor vms.

Here is an example of a running BOSH deployment of DC/OS:

| VM                                                    | State   | AZ  | VM Type | IPs         |
| bootstrap/0 (23c74258-727c-4257-b2ad-cc241d105c6a)    | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-agent/0 (55cabe46-3a56-42ad-a226-beb86fe715ee)  | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-agent/1 (67c31e25-0227-446c-a1a3-c4c50bee8167)  | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-agent/2 (982f85bb-90e9-4e53-bb04-4cbc234a6438)  | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-agent/3 (651cb173-5df5-489d-b35e-a41e4e15e9b7)  | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-master/0 (250192b5-a057-40ab-bc4b-165e479ae7c7) | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-master/1 (89b25625-88f0-40ab-b7bc-1b85190b60bf) | running | n/a | default | |
| mesos-master/2 (77703369-08ba-4a3d-b02f-a487271cb4e3) | running | n/a | default | |

VMs total: 8

vm diagram

Bootstrap VM

This is the only vm which is not native to DC/OS. This server has two purposes:

  • The first is to run nginx as to serve up the DC/OS install scripts for the master and agent servers to consume.
  • The second is to run an instance of the Docker service for the

Mesos Agent & Server VMs

These are the vms which the DC/OS script will perform the installs on. There are post-start scripts in each of the job definitions in this release ( mesos-agent, mesos-public-agent and mesos-master ) which perform the following tasks:

  • Create symbolic links back to the BOSH persistent mount point at /var/vcap/store
  • Pull the install files from the Bootstrap VM
  • Perform the DC/OS install declaring the vm to either be a master or slave
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