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Eclipse-che BOSH release

Eclipse Che is a developer workspace server and cloud IDE running on BOSH in AWS, vSphere, GCE, Azure, OpenStack and more.


Note: Che packaged here is a release candidate.



Let's have a look on folder manifest-examples.

You will see two types of template:

In this folder, only examples are present update them for your own IaaS and deploy it with bosh.

Available properties

Job che

  • che.docker.host.ip: The IP address of the Docker host.
  • che.docker.host.port: The port number of the Docker host.
  • che.external_ip: Specify on what ip che is available. By default, if it's not specified, release will choose the first ip of the network.
  • che.docker.registry.host: (Optional) The IP address of the Docker registry host.
  • che.docker.pull_image: (Optional) If this is true, then we always pull an image from a registry even if we have an image cached locally. If false, Docker only pulls image if it does not exist locally.
  • che.secure: (Optional) If this is true, it will force to use https. If false, it will use http.
  • che.github.clientId: (Optional) The client id to bind che to github. If set che.github.clientSecret is needed
  • che.github.clientSecret: (Optional) The client secret to bind che to github. If set che.github.clientId is needed
  • che.env.http_proxy: HTTP proxy that che should use
  • che.env.https_proxy: HTTPS proxy that che should use

Job che-inject

  • che.ip: Specify on what ip che is available. This is needed or che couldn't reach docker
  • che.iptables: Enable Che's addition of iptables rules


To use this bosh release, first upload it to your bosh:

bosh target BOSH_HOST
git clone https://github.com/cloudfoundry-community/eclipse-che-boshrelease.git
cd eclipse-che-boshrelease
bosh upload release releases/eclipse-che/eclipse-che-5.yml

For bosh-lite, you can quickly create a deployment manifest & deploy a cluster:

templates/make_manifest warden
bosh -n deploy

For AWS EC2, create a single VM:

templates/make_manifest aws-ec2
bosh -n deploy

Override security groups

For AWS & Openstack, the default deployment assumes there is a default security group. If you wish to use a different security group(s) then you can pass in additional configuration when running make_manifest above.

Create a file my-networking.yml:

  - name: eclipse-che1
    type: dynamic
        - eclipse-che

Where - eclipse-che means you wish to use an existing security group called eclipse-che.

You now suffix this file path to the make_manifest command:

templates/make_manifest openstack-nova my-networking.yml
bosh -n deploy


As a developer of this release, create new releases and upload them:

bosh create release --force && bosh -n upload release