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Vagrantfile for Eirini on microk8s
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Vagrantfile Update Vagrantfile Nov 25, 2019


Vagrantfile for Eirini on microk8s is an easy way to get Cloud Foundry running on top of Kubernetes in a single VM running on your PC (microk8s + SCF + Eirini)

How to use

Setting up

git clone
cd eirini-on-microk8s
# Make sure you have a recent version of Vagrant which supports automatic installation for plugins.
vagrant up

Get to know which components have not started yet

# The setup may take a while. Get your favorite drink and relax.
vagrant ssh -c 'watch -n 10 "kubectl get pods -A | grep -vE \"Completed|([0-9]+)/\1\""'

Accessing CF API

When all components are up and running CF API will be available the following endpoint:

  • cf cli can be used either on your PC or from inside the VM. To get inside the VM run vagrant ssh.

Cleaning up

# When you are done or messed up
vagrant destroy


  • By default the latest version (master branch) of eirini-release is deployed which, sometimes, may be not fully functional. Version of Eirini release can be changed in Vagrantfile, e.g. eirini_version = "1.0.0"
  • This setup has Eirini configured to stage on Kubernetes (which is default). This is no being tested with staging on Diego therefore may not work or require more resources.
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