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Service broker to share Etcd amongst many Cloud Foundry users
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Service Broker for CoreOS Etcd

This project gives users of a Cloud Foundry installation access to slices of a shared CoreOS etcd deployment.

This project does not describe the deployment of etcd. Consider as one way to bring up single- and multi-node etcd clusters with or without https support.


Users will access this service broker via their cf CLI using the standard commands for cf create-service, cf bind-service, cf unbind-service and cf delete-service; as well as cf create-service-key, etc.

Bound applications/service keys will receive credentials that look similar to:

  "credentials": {
    "uri": "http://user-8c0d5822-f806-11e6-84f6-a79e3c5fe739:WVmH8Qr365@",
    "keypath": "/service_instances/92122d42-f806-11e6-bcb2-4b77b9de2108",
    "host": "",
    "username": "user-8c0d5822-f806-11e6-84f6-a79e3c5fe739",
    "password": "WVmH8Qr365"


The broker is a Golang application that can be deployed to Cloud Foundry.

It requires the following environment variables:

  • ETCD_URI - full URI including basic auth for a user with root auth permissions (to create other users/roles)

Optional env vars:

  • BROKER_USERNAME and BROKER_USERNAME to configure the service broker's basic auth (both default to broker)
  • PORT is the port to which the application will bind for incoming HTTP requests (defaults to 6000)
  • BROKER_PUBLIC_ETCD_URL to provide a different public etcd URL than is used internally between the broker and etcd. For example:

The resulting binding credentials will include this URL in and .credentials.uri:

  "credentials": {
    "uri": "",
    "keypath": "/service_instances/92122d42-f806-11e6-bcb2-4b77b9de2108",
    "host": "",
    "username": "user-8c0d5822-f806-11e6-84f6-a79e3c5fe739",
    "password": "WVmH8Qr365"


There is a performance hit to etcd when you enable etcd auth to use this service broker on your etcd cluster. It was discovered by the team that etcd with auth enabled is slower for every request due to the use of bcrypt within etcd.


If any new files or changes are made to data/ directory, then need to run go-bindata to update assets/bindata.go:

go get -u
go-bindata -pkg assets -o assets/bindata.go ./data/...

Access the assets using:

contents, err := assets.Asset("data/filename")


Since this broker interacts with etcd, the integration test suite uses docker-compose to launch the broker and an etcd server. In addition, we use delmo to run tests against the broker and its provisioned etcd service instances.

go get -u
delmo -m <docker-machine-name>

This will build two Docker images: one for the broker (see Dockerfile) and one for the test scripts (see tests/Dockerfile), then run the cluster of containers and iterate through the delmo.yml test cases.

The output might look like:

Running test 'provision-read-write'...
Starting 'provision-read-write' Runtime...
Creating network "provisionreadwrite_default" with the default driver
Creating etcd
Creating etcd-cf-service-broker
Creating provisionreadwrite_tests_1
Executing - <Exec: show-catalog>
show-catalog | + curl -s http://broker:password@
show-catalog | {"services":[{"id":"5b0ad2fe-f7c0-11e6-8e76-7fc33eaeccd4","name":"etcd","description":"Etcd as a service","bindable":true,"tags":["etcd","etcd2","keyvalue"],"plan_updateable":false,"plans":[{"id":"5bcfa502-f7c0-11e6-bd06-e323138af97b","name":"shared","description":"Shared slice of etcd cluster","metadata":{"displayName":"Shared","bullets":["etcd v2"]}}],"metadata":{"displayName":"displayname","longDescription":"Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system","providerDisplayName":"Stark \u0026 Wayne","supportUrl":""}}]}
provision-bind-use | deleting instance etcd-4631667841
provision-bind-use | + curl -f -XDELETE 'http://broker:password@'
provision-bind-use | {}
provision-bind-use | + set +x
provision-bind-use | User's /hello should now be deleted
Stopping 'provision-read-write' Runtime...
Stopping etcd-cf-service-broker ... done
Stopping etcd ... done
Test 'provision-read-write' completed sucessfully!
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