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Cloud Foundry CLI plugin to connect to the firehose
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cf add-plugin-repo CF-Community
cf install-plugin "Firehose Plugin" -r CF-Community


User must be logged in as admin


The entire firehose for CF.

   nozzle - Displays messages from the firehose

   cf nozzle

   -debug                 -d, enable debugging
   -filter                -f, specify message filter such as LogMessage, ValueMetric, CounterEvent, HttpStartStop
   -no-filter             -n, no firehose filter. Display all messages
   -subscription-id       -s, specify subscription id for distributing firehose output between clients

All logs, metrics and events for a given app. This differs from cf logs APP_NAME because it provides other information like container metrics that are related to the app.

   app-nozzle - Displays messages from the firehose for a given app

   cf app-nozzle APP_NAME

   -debug           -d, enable debugging
   -filter          -f, specify message filter such as LogMessage, ValueMetric, CounterEvent, HttpStartStop
   -no-filter       -n, no filter. Display all messages

With Interactive Prompt

cf nozzle
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME

Without Interactive Prompt

Error message will be displayed for unrecognized filter type

# For debug
cf nozzle --debug
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --debug

# For all messages
cf nozzle --no-filter
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --no-filter

# For Log Messages
cf nozzle --filter LogMessage
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter LogMessage

# For HttpStartStop
cf nozzle --filter HttpStartStop
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter HttpStartStop

# For ValueMetric
cf nozzle --filter ValueMetric
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter ValueMetric

# For CounterEvent
cf nozzle --filter CounterEvent
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter CounterEvent

# For ContainerMetric
cf nozzle --filter ContainerMetric
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter ContainerMetric

# For Error
cf nozzle --filter Error
cf app-nozzle APP_NAME --filter Error

Subscription ID

In order to distribute the firehose data evenly among multiple CLI sessions, the user must specify the same subscription ID to each of the client connections.

cf nozzle --no-filter --subscription-id myFirehose


cf uninstall-plugin FirehosePlugin


Run tests


If you want to install the plugin locally and test it manually



In order to create a new release, follow these steps

  1. Create local tag and binaries
./scripts/ release VERSION_NUMBER #(e.g. 0.7.0)
  1. Copy the output of the previous command from the first line (should be '- name: Firehose Plugin' to the last checksum line (should be something like checksum: fde5fd52c40ea4c34330426c09c143a76a77a8db)
  2. Push the tag git push --follow-tags
  3. On github, create new release based on new tag here
  4. Upload the three binaries from the ./bin folders to the release (Linux, OSX and Win64)
  5. Fork this repo and clone it locally
  6. Edit the repo-index.yml to override the existing section about the firehose plugin with the text previously copied in Step 2.
  7. Run go run sort/main.go repo-index.yml in the cli-plugin-repo to alphabetize the properties
  8. Run BINARY_VALIDATION=true go test
  9. Push the change to your fork
  10. Create a PR against the original repo
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