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Concourse CI resource for sending notifications to Flowdock.
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Concourse CI resource for sending notifications to Flowdock.


  • Flowdock account with admin access or a trial account for testing
  • Setup your Flowdock account for integration testing by following the Flowdock documentation. This test does not use OAUTH2.0.
  • Vagrant version 1.6.5 (not 1.7.x)
  • VirtualBox version 4.3.x (not 5.x)
  • fly version 0.0.1 installed (this is the Concourse CLI client)

Make sure you save your flow token, which is generated when you set up the source for your developer application, as it cannot be recovered later.



Copy the contents of the test directory to the local directory and remove the example from the file names:

mkdir local
cp -r test/* local
cd local
mv credentials{-example,}.yml
mv pipeline{-example,}.yml
mv test{-example,}.sh

Note that the local directory is in .gitignore.

Put your flow token in the and credentials.yml files.

Put your Concourse URL in your credentials.yml file.

Setup the test environment by using our Concourse Tutorials and following the Getting Started and Target Concourse sections, which also include instructions for how to install fly.

Note that you do not need to clone the tutorial - all the files you need for testing are all in the test/local directory.

Basic Shell Test

Before proceeding please run the local/ script to verify your flow token is working correctly.

Concourse Testing

From the local directory start the Vagrant VM if you have not already done so:

vagrant up

To verify that your version of fly is synced with the version in use with the Concourse pipeline, run:

fly -t tutorial sync

Go into the vagrant container modify the workers.json file to use the current resource Docker container.

vagrant ssh
sudo su -
vi /var/vcap/jobs/groundcrew/config/worker.json
monit restart beacon

The line you need to append to the workers.json file is:


Exit out of the Vagrant ssh session and deploy the pipeline with:

fly -t tutorial c -c pipeline.yml --vf=credentials.yml flowdock

You may need to unpause the pipeline. To do this, go to the pipeline URL at, click the menu in the right hand corner, and click the blue play button next to the pipline name (flowdock if you kep the name above). You will see the blue "pause" bar disappear when the pipeline is no longer paused.

To run the job, go into job-hello-world and click the (+) icon.

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