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NATS plugin for fluentd Event Collector
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NATS plugin for fluentd Event Collector

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Getting Started

Setup the NATS input:

    type nats
    tag nats
    host localhost
    port 4222
    user nats
    password nats
    queue fluent.>,fluent2.>
    ssl false

Setup the match output:

  <match nats.fluent.**>
    type stdout

Suitable Queues


  • dea.>
  • cloudcontrollers.>
  • router.>
  • cloudcontroller.>
  • vcap.>
  • droplet.>
  • healthmanager.>


  • FilesystemaaS.>
  • AtmosaaS.>
  • MongoaaS.>
  • MyaaS.>
  • Neo4jaaS.>
  • AuaaS.>
  • RMQaaS.>
  • RaaS.>
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