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Go Cloud Foundry Environment Parsing Package
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Go CF Environment Package Build Status - Master



cfenv is a package to assist you in writing Go apps that run on Cloud Foundry. It provides convenience functions and structures that map to Cloud Foundry environment variable primitives (


go get

package main

import (

func main() {
	appEnv, _ := cfenv.Current()

	fmt.Println("ID:", appEnv.ID)
	fmt.Println("Index:", appEnv.Index)
	fmt.Println("Name:", appEnv.Name)
	fmt.Println("Host:", appEnv.Host)
	fmt.Println("Port:", appEnv.Port)
	fmt.Println("Version:", appEnv.Version)
	fmt.Println("Home:", appEnv.Home)
	fmt.Println("MemoryLimit:", appEnv.MemoryLimit)
	fmt.Println("WorkingDir:", appEnv.WorkingDir)
	fmt.Println("TempDir:", appEnv.TempDir)
	fmt.Println("User:", appEnv.User)
	fmt.Println("Services:", appEnv.Services)


Pull requests welcomed.

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