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BOSH Release for jumpbox

The jumpbox BOSH release sets up a jumpbox for use with BOSH/CF/Concourse, installing utilities we've found to be generally useful for these tasks, as well as setting up custom user environments per user.


To deploy a jumpbox, you can use the BOSH manifests supplied with the repository.

bosh -e <env> -d jumpbox deploy manifests/jumpbox.yml

However, that won't generally be enough, since you should customize the configuration with your own user accounts and SSH keys. This repository ships with an example ops file that you can modify to include your users, environment setup scripts, and SSH keys.

To deploy that, use the -o option to bosh deploy:

bosh -e <env> -d jumpbox deploy \
  -o manifests/add-user-op.yml \

The following keys have meaning, for each user account under the jumpbox.users parameter:

  1. name (Required) - The username for the account.

  2. shell - The full path to the user's interactive shell. This needs to be an allowed shell (per stemcell config). Defaults to /bin/bash.

  3. sudo (true|false) - Whether or not grant this user the ability to sudo as the root (or any other) user. Defaults to false.

  4. password - A (cleartext) password to set for the account. By default, users are not able to authenticate via any password (and should use ssh_keys instead).

  5. ssh_keys - A YAML list of SSH keys, in the form algo key-data [comment]. Note that the comment (usually in the form "") is optional, and has no bearing on the functionality of the key-based authentication.

  6. env - The URL of a git-clonable environment repo. For an example of what you might put in such a repository, see By default, no environment repository is assumed.

Taking Inventory

The inventory job is an errand you can colocate on your jumpboxen. It will display information about the software installed on the instance, versions, etc.

Packages installed

  • bosh-init 0.0.92-3ee9292
  • cf 6.30
  • curl 7.50.3
  • genesis (latest and greatest!)
  • git 2.14.1
  • jq 1.5
  • safe (latest and greatest!)
  • shield
  • spiff 1.0.7
  • tmux 2.2
  • tree 1.7.0
  • terraform 0.13.6
  • unzip 6.0
  • vault 0.5.2
  • vim 7.4
  • wget 1.18
  • zip 3.0