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IMPORTANT NOTE: From version 2.0.0, this buildpack supports only ingress scenario. Egress scenarios are supported by another supply buildpack

This project offers a supply buildpack which helps applying IWA security (kerberos) for app-app/svc-svc/webapp secure communication, in PCF.

In detail, if application running in PCF is protected by route service (, this buildpack helps in injecting the logged-in user principal into the current context/thread, please listen to Andrew Stackhov's video here "youtube video link here"'

Specific functionalities executed by this buildpack

  1. Injects a HttpModule which sets the user identity into the current context/thread by configuring web.config accordingly and copying the assembly containing the module
  2. If it detects a Wcf Service, configured the web.config for adding a service behaviour which uses a custom authorization policy to copy the user principal from current http context to wcf thread. It also copies the assembly containing the custom authorization policy

To manually build and release this buildpack using command nuke <target> from powershell window.


  1. Clean --> cleans bin/obj/artifacts folder
  2. Restore --> Restores all nuget dependencies (depends on Clean)
  3. Compile --> Compiles the buildpack (depends on Restore)
  4. Test --> Runs all the tests for the buildpack (depends on Compile)
  5. Publish --> Publishes the buildpack artifact under artifacts directory (depends on Test)
  6. Release --> Create a new buildpack release under the github repo (depends on Publish). You will be prompted for Github ApiToken which has release rights to the github repo, alternatively you can pass as commandline param --GitHubToken
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