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This package will add a Wcf client interceptor which will injects kerberos ticket for egress requests. This should be used together with the supply buildpack to make it fully functional

Below are the important developer instructions, to follow after installation of this package

  1. Add the supply buildpack from here in the CF manifest (preferably the latest release).

    IMPORTANT: Make sure the application is built/published with target platform x64

  2. Follow the readme to setup the sources for kerberos config and keytab files For kerberos config template, please here
  3. Set the correct client UPN in AppSettings with key ClientUserPrincipalName as below (this section will be already added by the package)
		<add key="ClientUserPrincipalName" value="client_username@domain" />
  1. Set ImpersonateClientUser to true if you need to impersonate the svc user with the client user account (this section will be already added by the package, default is false)
		<add key="ImpersonateClientUser" value="false" />
  1. Target service UPN has to be provided in the client/endpoint/identity configuration as in the sample below. If not, system will try to use the SPN host/ (based on the below sample)
		  <endpoint address="" 
					behaviorConfiguration ="myIwaInterceptorBehavior">
						<userPrincipalName value="target_user@domain" />
  1. To see debug logs, please set the log level to Debug or Trace, via environment variable PivotalIwaWcfClientInterceptor:LogLevel:Default
  1. Stable versions are available at, nuget feed
  2. The dev/alpha packages are available at, myget feed
  3. The packages are still in beta version as it still depends on a beta version of GssKerberos package.
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