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The fastest way to get started with logsearch, cf-release and bosh-lite
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The fastest way to deploy Logsearch in combination with Cloud Foundry onto bosh-lite.


To get started you will need a running bosh-lite. Get yours by following the instructions here

Next step is setting up this repository

git clone
cd logsearch-boshworkspace
bundle install


The logsearch community has created some pre-built filters. They are distributed as addon repositories (such as

A rake task is provided to fetch a subset of these addon filters and update the templates/ to include the logstash filters.

rake addons:update

Currently some addon's test suites fail - you can continue with:

rake addons:update_templates

Open issues for failing test suites for addons:

  • cf
  • website


This section includes instructions for configuration and deployment of Logsearch.

Deploy Logsearch to bosh-lite

bosh deployment logsearch-warden
bosh prepare deployment
bosh deploy

Since the deployment characteristics of Cloud Foundry on bosh-lite/warden are well known (static IPs, etc) you do not need to modify the deployments/logsearch-warden.yml file for this to work.

Deploy Logsearch to AWS VPC

Copy the logsearch-aws-vpc.yml or logsearch-aws-vpc-cf-route.yml to a new file that you will edit:

cp deployments/logsearch-aws-vpc-cf-route.yml deployments/my-logsearch.yml

Edit deployments/my-logsearch.yml with your:

  • director UUID (run bosh status --uuid and populate into director_uuid)
  • NATS host (run bosh vms --dns and populate into
  • Network subnet (populate the subnet ID into meta.zones.z1.subnet_id and update other meta.zones.z1.* fields as necessary)
  • Security group (use the same security groups being used for Cloud Foundry and populate into meta.security_groups)
bosh deployment my-logsearch
bosh prepare deployment
bosh deploy

Update Cloud Foundry with Syslog enabled

You can now re-deploy Cloud Foundry with syslog emitting to your Logsearch Add the following to your Cloud Foundry deployment manifest.

First, get the IP or hostname for ingestor/0 VM:

$ bosh vms --dns
Deployment `logsearch-aws-test'

| Job/index  | State   | Resource Pool | IPs        | DNS A records                                   |
| ingestor/0 | running | common        |  | 0.ingestor.default.logsearch-aws-test.microbosh |

In the example above, use either or 0.ingestor.default.logsearch-aws-test.microbosh

Add the following to your Cloud Foundry deployment manifest (global properties as it is for all job templates):

    port: 5515
    transport: relp

Now redeploy Cloud Foundry:

$ bosh deploy

Access Kibana UI via Cloud Foundry router

Instead of logsearch-warden, use logsearch-warden-cf-route to make Kibana UI accessible via the public CF router (logs.DOMAIN)

Play time

Now you can browse to the Kibana dashboard here

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