A Logsearch addon that customises Logsearch to work with Cloud Foundry data
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Logsearch for Cloud Foundry

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This is a BOSH-release add-on for Logsearch tool. It extends base ELK stack, which provides Logsearch, to work with CloudFoundry logs.

So, If you have CloudFoundry deployment and want to make logs management with ELK stack then you choose right product to use. Out-of-the box you’ll get retrieving and parsing logs from your CloudFoundry platform, authorized access to these logs in Kibana and useful dashboards and search queries to start your log analysis with.

Logsearch for CloudFoundry ELK

You can read Intro section to understand how Logsearch-for-cloudfoundry relates to ELK, Logsearch and CloudFoundry. Or (if these products and concepts are already familiar) move to Features section to read about main features that Logsearch-for-cloudfoundry adds to Logsearch tool.

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