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mattermost-cf-integrator Build Status

Integrate mattermost into Cloud Foundry or Heroku (use gautocloud).

Why it's different from the mattermost-boshrelease ? the BOSH release made by Stark & Wayne is made for Cloud Foundry operators and only they can deploy mattermost in an IaaS (not Cloud Foundry in fact). Here it's made for final Cloud Foundry users who want a private mattermost running inside a PaaS like Bluemix, PWS or Heroku.

Mattermost is an open source, on-prem Slack-alternative. It offers modern communication from behind your firewall, including messaging and file sharing across PCs and phones with archiving and instant search.


Getting started

  1. Download latest release called in releases page
  2. Unzip it
  3. go inside the previously unzipped folder and push the app (e.g: cf push mattermost -b binary_buildpack), it will fail cause you need a database service connected
  4. Create a mysql or postgres service on Cloud Foundry (e.g: cf cs p-mysql 100mb db-mattermost)
  5. Bind to the app (e.g: cf bs mattermost db-mattermost)
  6. restage your app (e.g: cf restage mattermost) and you're done

Add SMTP Server (Recommended)

If you don't have an smtp server configured in your config/config.json mattermost will run in preview mode. To fully use mattermost you should add a smtp, you have two ways to do it:

  1. Do it manually by editing the config/config.json following the doc:
  2. (Preferred) Bind a smtp service on your app and integrator will do the rest, example with Pivotal Web Service and sendgrid:
$ cf cs sendgrid free mysmtp
$ cf bs mattermost mysmtp
$ cf restage mattermost

Add an Amazon S3 Bucket (Recommended)

Mattermost by default will store data send by users (images, files, video ...) on the local file system but on Cloud Foundry app shouldn't write on the filesystem. You should set an s3 storage on your mattermost, like for SMTP you have two ways to do it:

  1. Do it manually by editing the config/config.json following the doc:
  2. Bind a s3 service on your app and integrator will do the rest, example riak-cs service:
$ cf cs p-riakcs developer mys3
$ cf bs mattermost mys3
$ cf restage mattermost

Integrate with UAA (to authenticate users over Cloud Foundry)

It can be interesting to login mattermost with Cloud Foundry. Mattermost can use GitLab SSO to login users and this functionality can be use to login over Cloud Foundry.

To do this we will need to register a client in the UAA, here an example to register a client:

$ uaac client add mattermost --authorized_grant_types "authorization_code" --name "mattermost" --scope "openid" --authorities "openid" -s "mysupersecret"

You will also need to deploy another app on Cloud Foundry, this app will be responsible to translate user informations from UAA to GitLab. This app is a reverse proxy on your UAA which only transform json receive from the UAA on https://login.url-of-my.api/userinfo to another json asked by mattermost.

Follow these steps to deploy this application:

  1. clone : $ git clone
  2. set in the value for UAA_URL in uaa-proxifier/manifest.yml by the url of your UAA
  3. deploy it: $ cf push

Now we can set in the file config/config.json endpoints for UAA and credentials, example:

"GitLabSettings": {
    "Enable": true,
    "Secret": "mysupersecret",
    "Id": "mattermost",
    "Scope": "openid",
    "AuthEndpoint": "https://login.url-of-my.api/oauth/authorize",
    "TokenEndpoint": "https://login.url-of-my.api/oauth/authorize/oauth/token",
    "UserApiEndpoint": ""

Note the value for UserApiEndpoint this is the url of you previously deployed app.

To make users only login and register with cloudfoundry set to false values EnableSignUpWithEmail, EnableSignInWithEmail in config/config.json

Now, you can (re)deploy your mattermost: $ cf push mattermost

(Optional) Remove reference about GitLab in Web UI

Change the word GitLab by Cloud Foundry

For version 2.X.X:

$ sed -i 's/GitLab/Cloud Foundry/g' web/static/i18n/*`

For version 3.X.X:

$ sed -i 's/GitLab/Cloud Foundry/g' webapp/dist/i18n/*
$ sed -i 's/"GitLab/"Cloud Foundry/g' webapp/dist/*.js

Change the GitLab logo by the Cloud Foundry logo:

For version 2.X.X:

$ wget
$ cp cloudfoundryLogo.png web/static/images/gitlabLogo.png

For version 3.X.X:

$ wget
$ cp cloudfoundryLogo.png webapp/dist/files/bf61680806a56e50a7857eeeea863f01.png

Now, you can (re)deploy your mattermost: $ cf push mattermost