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BOSH NTP Release

BOSH release for the Network Time Protocol (NTP) Server

How To

In this example, we deploy to BOSH Lite:

cd ~/workspace/ntp-release
bosh -e vbox ur
bosh -e vbox -d ntp -n deploy manifests/ntp-lite.yml
# query the IP address for time
ntpdate -q # macOS, old linux

Use post-start To Disable Competing Timekeepers

You don't need to make changes to your manifest if you're deploying to Ubuntu Trusty stemcell — our default post_start property disables the cron job which runs every fifteen minutes to synchronize time.

If you're using the Ubuntu Xenial stemcell, you many want to set the post_start property to disable the chrony service by adding something similar to the following to the ntpd job properties:

post_start: |
  #!/bin/bash -x
  # on Xenial we disable chrony because we're running ntpd
  systemctl disable chrony.service
  systemctl stop    chrony.service

Note: It's not terribly important to disable competing timekeepers; all timekeepers, if properly configured, should converge to the same time.

Developer Notes

Developer notes, such as building and test a release, are available here.