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- bumped the stemcell in the BOSH Lite manifest from Trusty to Xenial;
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BOSH PowerDNS Release

BOSH release for the PowerDNS Authoritative DNS (Domain Name System) Server.

How To

In this example, we deploy to BOSH Lite:

cd ~/workspace/pdns-release
bosh -e vbox ur
bosh -e vbox -d pdns -n deploy manifests/pdns-lite.yml
# query the PowerDNS server
dig +short SOA @ 2008080300 1800 3600 604800 3600

For a richer example, see how uses these pdns job properties to provide its service:


  • The release does not include the PowerDNS Recursor server, only the PowerDNS Authoritative Server.
  • The release does not include the MySQL backend.
  • pdns_server's STDERR is logged to /var/vcap/sys/log/pdns/pdns_server.stderr.log, but its STDOUT is logged to syslog's DAEMON facility (typically /var/log/daemon.log)
  • Set local-ipv6= in pdns.conf unless you've enabled IPv6 in your stemcell

Developer Notes

Developer notes, such as building and test a release, are available here.