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NOTE: If you are looking to deploy Cloud Foundry into AWS VPC, visit

This repository is a submodule of the project above that aims to create one click deploy for Cloud Foundry on AWS VPC. You probably don't want to use this repo directly.

This terraform module creates the networks and security groups that are needed to deploy CloudFoundry within an existing VPC (specifically, a VPC that was created using [], but any VPC will do).


We use to create the VPC, bastion subnet, microbosh subnet, and NAT server. This repo is responsible for creating the loadbalancer and runtime subnets, security groups, and and the elastic IP that will be used by the Cloud Foundry API.

The idea is that you can use this terraform module multiple times, setting theoffset variable differently each time, and you'll get a complete sett of the subnets, sgs, and EIPs necessary for a separate CF instance.

Create resources needed by Cloud Foundry


The one step that isn't automated is the creation of SSH keys. Waiting for feature to be added to terraform. An AWS SSH Key need to be created in desired region prior to running the following commands.

NOTE: You must being using at least terraform 0.3.1 for the tags to work.

Running terraform

mkdir terraform-aws-cf
cd terraform-aws-cf
terraform apply


Subnets created take the form of the network variable (for example, 10.10), appended with the offset variable (0 by default, can be anything up to 25), and then the rest of the CIDR. For example, with network as 10.10 and offset as 5, the runtime 2a subnet would be Note that there is a single bastion subnet and bosh subnet per VPC - there is no need to have multiple, no matter how many Cloud Foundry instances you're running. As such, they do not take the offset variable - they will always be X.X.0.0/24 and X.X.1.0/24 respectively.

Name CIDR Created By
Bastion X.X.0.0/24 terraform-aws-vpc
Microbosh X.X.1.0/24 terraform-aws-vpc
Loadbalancer X.X.x2.0/24 terraform-aws-cf-net
Runtime 2a X.X.x3.0/24 terraform-aws-cf-net
Runtime 2b X.X.x4.0/24 terraform-aws-cf-net
Docker X.X.x5.0/24 terraform-aws-cf-net
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