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Deploy Cloud Foundry on Azure

In Microsoft Azure, there are serveral different environments, such as AzureCloud for global Azure, AzureUSGovernment for Azure Government, and AzureChinaCloud for Azure operated by 21Vianet in China.

This document describes how to deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry on:

1 Prerequisites

You can create an Azure account according to the environment where Cloud Foundry will be deployed.

2 Get Started

2.1 Create a Service Principal

HERE is how to create a service principal.

2.2 Deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry

You have two options to deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry on Azure. One is ARM templates which can help you automatically prepare essential resources, the other is manual steps.

2.2.1 Via ARM templates (RECOMMENDED)

2.2.2 Manually

2.3 Push Your First Application

In this step, you will install Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface and push your first APP.

3 Advanced Configurations and Deployments

4 Additional Information

If you hit some issues when you deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry, you can refer to the following documents. If it does not work, please open an issue.