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@backup-restore-team-bot backup-restore-team-bot released this Feb 21, 2019

Release Date: February 21, 2019


  • Release authors are now able to check the BBR version by testing the $BBR_VERSION variable in metadata:

    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    if [ -z "$BBR_VERSION" ]; then
      # This message will be printed if using BBR 1.3.x or earlier
      >&2 echo "BBR_VERSION is not set, unsupported bbr cli, I am out of here"
      exit 1
    # This message will be printed if using BBR 1.4+
    echo "I am ok"
  • Job dependencies are now supported for bbr director backup and bbr director restore.

    • Earlier versions of BBR will fail if a director job declares a dependency.


  • A reminder to run bbr backup-cleanup will be printed when the pre-backup check fails.

    • This can happen if you try to run backup, it fails, and then try to run backup again without cleaning up.
    • Before this change, the reminder to run bbr backup-cleanup would only be printed once, after the first failed backup.
  • The size of backup artifacts that are transferred to the BOSH deployment will now be printed during restore.

    • Prior to this change, the artifact size was only printed during backup.
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