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BOSH Google CPI release

This is a BOSH release for the BOSH Google CPI.


Releases are available on Please see for details of each release.


Stemcells are available on


If you are not familiar with BOSH and its terminology please take a look at the BOSH documentation.

Deploy a BOSH Director on Google Cloud Platform

Complete instructions for deploying a BOSH Director are available in the docs/bosh/ file.

Deploy other software

After you have followed the instructions for deploying a BOSH director in docs/bosh/, you may deploy releases like CloudFoundry by following the links below:


Contributions to the CPI are welcome. Unit and integration tests for any new features are encouraged. Developers may find it easier to set the GOPATH to the directory of the check-out repository:

cd bosh-google-cpi-release
export GOPATH=$pwd

Running integration tests

  1. Set your project:
export GOOGLE_PROJECT=your-project-id
  1. Create the infrastructure required to run tests:
make configint
  1. Run the integration tests:
make testint

To destroy the infrastructure required to run the integration tests, execute:

make cleanint


For detailes on how to contribute to this project - including filing bug reports and contributing code changes - pleasee see