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Bosh HuaweiCloud CPI release

bosh-huaweicloud-cpi-release is a bosh Provider for Huaweicloud. It is based on bosh-huaweicloud-cpi-release which is a standard Bosh HuaweiCloud CPI. BOSH-Huaweicloud-CPI has added some enhancements to interact with the many resources supported by Huaweicloud.

The Huaweicloud CPI is designed for user most familiar with the Huawei cloud concepts and it only used in Huaweicloud. The users of huawei-powered clouds that are familiar with the openstack concepts and api may choose to use the bosh openstack cpi.


  • Network: fully supporting huaweicloud network resources, including vpc, subnet, nic and so on.


This provider plugin is maintained by:

How to make release

$ git clone
$ cd bosh-huaweicloud-cpi-release
$ bosh create-release --force --tarball=../bosh-huaweicloud-cpi.tgz


Prepare your Huawei Cloud environment

  • Create a vpc with switch and get subnet_id
  • Create security group get security_group_name
  • Create a key pair, get key_pair_name and download it private key, like bosh.pem

Install bosh in Huawei Cloud

$ git clone
$ cd bosh-deployment

use this command, modify the parameters

bosh create-env bosh-deployment/bosh.yml --state=state.json \
 --vars-store=creds.yml \
 -o bosh-deployment/huaweicloud/cpi.yml \
 -v director_name=my-bosh \
 -v internal_cidr= \
 -v internal_gw= \
 -v internal_ip= \
 -v subnet_id=... \
 -v default_security_groups=[bosh] \
 -v region=cn-north-1 \
 -v auth_url= \
 -v az=cn-north-1a \
 -v default_key_name=bosh \
 -v huaweicloud_password=... \
 -v huaweicloud_username=... \
 -v huaweicloud_domain=... \
 -v huaweicloud_project=cn-north-1 \
 -v private_key=bosh.pem


The planned future work listed on github issues with enhancement lable.

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