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BOSH Release for haproxy

Questions? Pop in our slack channel!

This BOSH release is an attempt to get a more customizable/secure haproxy release than what is provided in cf-release. It allows users to blacklist internal-only domains, preventing potential Host header spoofing from allowing unauthorized access of internal APIs. It also allows for better control over haproxy's timeouts, for greater resiliency under heavy load.


To deploy this BOSH release:

git clone
cd haproxy-boshrelease

export BOSH_ENVIRONMENT=<alias>
export BOSH_DEPLOYMENT=haproxy
bosh2 deploy manifests/haproxy.yml \
  -v haproxy-backend-port=80 \
  -v "haproxy-backend-servers=[,]"

To make alterations to the deployment you can use the bosh2 deploy [-o operator-file.yml] flag to provide operations files.

Alternately you can build a manifest using templates/make_manifest

You can either use the templates + examples provided to merge this in with an existing CloudFoundry deployment, or create a new deployment using this command:

make_manifest <aws-ec2|warden> <comma-separated-list-of-router-servers> <additional_templates>

NOTE: make_manifest requires spruce v1.8.9 or newer.

# Example for bare bones bosh-lite haproxy release on warden
templates/make_manifest warden
bosh deploy

# Example for using keepalive with haproxy on warden:
KEEPALIVED_VIP= templates/make_manifest warden


Feel free to contribute back to this via a pull request on a feature branch! Once merged, we'll cut a new final release for you.

Config Tests

If you add a spec value, please add a corresponding test to spec/haproxy_templates_spec.rb.

To run these tests:

cd haproxy_boshrelease
bundle install
bundle exec rspec spec/haproxy_templates_spec.rb
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