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KubeCF Release v2.5.0

@fargozhu fargozhu released this
· 267 commits to release-2.5 since this release
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⚠️ WARNING: Do not deploy this version and go directly to 2.5.8, due to a secret rotation bug that will not support successful upgrades. The team is working hard to fix this, and a patch version is imminent.

The new release reflects the intensive work around Eirini and the enabling of C2C networking on several bug fixes and work behind the scenes.


  • Enable C2C networking #776
  • Bump to Eirini 1.8.0 #843
  • Bump to cf-deployment 13.17 #1221
  • Allow tolerations to be set for the instance group pods #607
  • Always use a hostpath storage class for diego cells #1241
  • Include Eirini, EiriniX and Bits templates in KubeCF #1179

Bug Fix(es)

  • Make Eirini apps work with our DNS #284
  • Eirini is unable to pull docker apps from public registry #1304
  • cf logs does not display application error #923
  • Stratos console only showing 1 of 2 diego cells #407
  • After helm upgrade to scale diego cell count from 3 to 4, 2 out of 3 diego-cell pods gets restarted #981
  • Allow the rep to configure kernel parameters #1181
  • grootfs cleanup does not work correctly #1224
  • database-0 pod never getting ready #1128
  • high_availability property doesn't make HA database pods #1333
  • Diego cell info does not appear in Stratos #1198
  • /var/vcap/data on diego-cell needs to be a separate volume with quota support #441

Known issues

  • Minibroker 1.0 doesn't work on KubeCF current version due to custom apps-dns support. If you are using Minibroker 1.0, be sure to upgrade to Minibroker 1.1 before upgrading to KubeCF 2.5. More instructions on the Minibroker 1.1 release here.
  • There's an issue reported where pods are being deleted but not for everyone's cluster, so the team is trying to reproduce it so it can be fixed as soon as possible. If you came across this issue please report immediately on Slack #kubecf-dev channel.


Name Version Description
cf-operator 6.1.0+0.g5451299e Processes BOSH deployments. Maps them to kube objects

Quick Fresh Installation

These are the basic guidelines to deploy KubeCF in a development environment. For more detailed information check here.

Before starting the deployment phase, make sure that the values.yaml file contains all the needed properties with valid values. For more information about the available properties check here.

Download the release bundle artifact extract the content to a local folder.


helm install cf-operator \
  --namespace cf-operator \
  --set "" \


Install KubeCF after setting the needed properties in your values.yaml.

helm install kubecf \
  --namespace kubecf \
  --values values.yaml \