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bump-stemcell.yml Upload stemcell using resource for precompiling Dec 6, 2018
cleanup-gcp.yml Use cloudfoundry-incubator for kubo-ci in all pipelines Oct 30, 2018
gaffer.yml Use Bosh deployment in gaffer environment Nov 27, 2018
kubo-deployment-pr.yml Destroy bosh requires git-bosh-deployment resource Nov 28, 2018
kubo-deployment.yml Remove no longer used ship-it part of the pipeline Feb 6, 2019
long-lived-openstack.yml Stop using ops-file to remove bosh-dns addon in pipelines Nov 23, 2018
recycle.yml Add aws to recycle pipeline Feb 5, 2019
set_pipeline Lpass is no longer used in set_pipeline Nov 29, 2017
ship-it.yml Bump minor when cutting the release Feb 8, 2019
signals-aggregator.yml Add security pipeline to signal aggregator (#59) Apr 30, 2019
v2_set_pipeline Modify upload-stemcell to upload windows stemcell Mar 21, 2019
vsphere-cleaner.yml Use new interpolation for pipeline configs Jul 3, 2017

Continuous Integration (CI) for Cloud Foundry Container Runtime (CFCR)


Repos covered by the pipelines:

Other related repos:

  • Kubo disaster recovery acceptance tests (kdrats) - Provides tests used by pipelines contained within this repo.
  • [Kubo locks] - provides configuration information for the CI environments used by the pipelines. Private repo for CFCR team use.


To view the pipelines visit



The main pipeline, runs on every commit in kubo-release and kubo-deployment. Is also used to create Github releases. Runs tests on GCP, AWS and vSphere.


Runs tests on Openstack with a long-lived director instead of a freshly-deployed one for each run. Configuring OpenStack and Creating New Environments


Tests the CIDRS suite of the integration tests. It tests changing the Pod and Service CIDRs for kubernetes.


Tests whether Istio specifications can be deployed on CFCR, and the Istio integration tests are run.


Attempts to update the CFCR deployment on which the gaffer application is run. The gaffer application backs

kubo-release-pr & kubo-deployment-pr

Test pull requests to the repos. Have to be triggered manually.


Tests that the PodSecurityPolicy admission controller and policies work as expected.


Tests the etcd release used in CFCR with different configurations. Creates and destroys the cluster at each run.


Uses a long-lived etcd cluster and specifically focuses on potential “split brain” failure scenarios, centred around network partitions and VM restarts.

Bumping components

The bump-* pipelines are used to automatically update components of CFCR or the CI infrastructure. The docker-boshrelease pipeline tests and releases new versions of the docker release.

Building docker images

This pipeline builds all the images used in the other pipelines based on the dockerfiles located in kubo-ci.

Maintaining CI IaaS environments

The recycle pipeline is used to clean up environments. It is triggered automatically whenever a lock is released by the pipeline using that environment. The cleanup-gcp is used to clean up leftover LoadBalancers and Disks in GCP. The vsphere-cleaner pipeline generates a binary which is used by the recycle pipeline to clean vsphere environments.

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