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Deploying CFCR

The base manifest "just works" and will deploy a running cluster of Kubernetes:

bosh -d cfcr deploy kubo-deployment/manifests/cfcr.yml

For deeper documentation to deploy CFCR go here.

Operator files

BOSH options

Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/rename.yml Specify the deployment name The deployment name is also used for etcd certificates.
ops-files/vm-types.yml Specify the vm_type for master, worker and apply-addons instances By default, master, worker and apply-addons instances assume vm_type: small, vm_type: small-highmem and vm_type: minimal, respectively (vm_types that are also assumed to exists by manifests). You may want to use bespoke vm_types so as to scale them, tag them, or apply unique cloud_properties independently of other deployments in the same BOSH environment.
ops-files/add-vm-extensions-to-master.yml Add VM Extensions for loadbalancers to master
ops-files/use-vm-extensions.yml Configure the master and worker instance groups on AWS and GCP to consume their respective vm_extensions Only works when used in tandem with the BOSH cloud-configs for AWS or GCP outlined below
ops-files/iaas/vsphere/use-vm-extensions.yml Configure vSphere worker instance groups to consume their respective vm_extensions Only works when used in tandem with the BOSH cloud-config for vSphere outlined below
ops-files/worker_count.yml Specify the count for worker instances By default, 3 worker instances.
ops-files/non-precompiled-releases.yml Use non-precompiled releases when deploying CFCR.
ops-files/use-persistent-disk-for-workers.yml Enables persistent disk to store docker data
ops-files/disable-swap.yml Disables swap on worker VMs

BOSH Cloud Config

Name Purpose Notes
cloud-config/iaas/aws/use-vm-extensions.yml Configure the cloud-config to control the AWS Cloud Provider using vm_extensions
cloud-config/iaas/gcp/use-vm-extensions.yml Configure the cloud-config to control the GCP Cloud Provider using vm_extensions
cloud-config/iaas/vsphere/use-vm-extensions.yml Configure the cloud-config to control the vSphere Cloud Provider using vm_extensions

Routing options

Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/iaas/openstack/master-static-ip.yml Attach floating IP to Kube API Assign allocated floating IP to master instance. IP included in TLS certificates.
ops-files/iaas/vsphere/master-static-ip.yml Assign static IP to Kube API Assign static IP to master instance. IP included in TLS certificates.
ops-files/iaas/gcp/add-service-key-master.yml Allow user to specify GCP key instead of service account
ops-files/iaas/gcp/add-service-key-worker.yml Allow user to specify GCP key instead of service account


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/iaas/aws/cloud-provider.yml Enable Cloud Provider for AWS Requires AWS Instance Profiles (not API keys) to grant Kubernetes access to AWS
ops-files/iaas/aws/lb.yml Enable instance tagging for AWS
ops-files/iaas/aws/add-master-credentials.yml Set AWS credentials for the Kube API and Kube Controller Manager
ops-files/iaas/aws/add-worker-credentials.yml Set AWS credentials for the Kubelet
ops-files/iaas/openstack/cloud-provider.yml Enable Cloud Provider for OpenStack Enable Cloud Provider for OpenStack
ops-files/iaas/gcp/cloud-provider.yml Enable Cloud Provider for GCP -
ops-files/iaas/gcp/add-subnetwork-for-internal-load-balancer.yml Specify subnetwork for GCP Cloud Provider has to be enabled first
ops-files/iaas/vsphere/cloud-provider.yml Enable Cloud Provider for vSphere -
ops-files/iaas/vsphere/set-working-dir-no-rp.yml Configure vSphere cloud provider's working dir if there is no resource pool -
ops-files/iaas/virtualbox/bosh-lite.yml Enables CFCR to run on a virtualbox bosh-lite environment Deploys 1 master and 3 workers. Master is deployed to a static ip:
ops-files/iaas/azure/cloud-provider.yml Enable Cloud Provider for Azure Requires Azure CPI >= v35.5.0
ops-files/iaas/azure/subnet.yml Changes the subnet
ops-files/iaas/azure/use-cifs.yml Installs CIFS utils and allows using azure-file volume
ops-files/iaas/azure/use-credentials.yml Uses AD credentials instead of Managed Identity


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/add-proxy.yml Configure HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, and NO_PROXY for Kubernetes components All Kubernetes components are configured with the http_proxy, https_proxy, and no_proxy environment variables


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/addons-spec.yml Addons to be deployed into the Kubernetes cluster -
ops-files/allow-privileged-containers.yml Allows privileged containers for the Kubernetes cluster. It is not recommended to use privileged containers however some workloads require it. Container privileges can be limited with the SecurityContextDeny admission plugin (set by default in CFCR). See kubernetes documentation for more information
ops-files/disable-anonymous-auth.yml Disable anonymous-auth on the API server -
ops-files/add-oidc-endpoint.yml Enable OIDC authentication for the Kubernetes cluster -
ops-files/change-cidrs.yml Change POD CIDR and Service Cluster CIDR. This should only be applied to a new cluster, please do not apply to an existing cluster. Extra Vars Required:
- first_ip_of_service_cluster_cidr: Required for TLS certificate of apiserver
- kubedns_service_ip: Required for kube dns IP address, needs to be part of service_cluster_cidr
ops-files/enable-denyescalatingexec.yml Enables the DenyEscalatingExec admission plugin. This ops-file is recommended for most clusters.
ops-files/enable-securitycontextdeny.yml Enables the SecurityContextDeny admission plugin. This ops-file is recommended for most clusters.
ops-files/enable-podsecuritypolicy.yml Enables the PodSecurityPolicy admission plugin. Please ensure that you have applied an appropriate policy before enabling this plugin. Failure to do so will result in failure of your workloads.
ops-files/change-audit-log-flags.yml Changes the kube-apiserver's audit-log flags. See here for more details Extra Vars Required: audit-log-example-vars
ops-files/add-hostname-to-master-certificate.yml Add hostname to master certificate Extra Vars Required:
- api-hostname: Required for TLS certificate of apiserver
ops-files/enable-encryption-config.yml Enable data encryption at rest Extra Vars Required:
- encryption-config: Encryption configuration as described here. Var value must be the content of the yaml. Easier to define in a --vars-file file
ops-files/enable-csi-shared-mounts.yml Enable shared mounts in Docker for CSI volumes -
ops-files/use-hostgw.yml Sets the cluster to use host-gw backend in flannel. Necessary for Windows workers. -
ops-files/set-fs-inotify-limit.yml Configure fs.inotify.max_user_watches. Extra Vars Required:
- fs_inotify_max_user_watches: Required for configuring the max inotify user watches.


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/change-etcd-metrics-url.yml Change procotol and port of the etcd's metrics endpoint -


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/set-certificate-duration.yml Set the duration of all generated certificates to a specified duration Extra Vars Required:
- certificate-duration: Duration, specified in days, for all certificates generated in manifest

BOSH Backup & Restore

Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/enable-bbr.yml Deploy jobs required to enable BBR. Only tested with single master.


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/add-syslog.yml Enables forwarding local syslog events in RFC5424 format to a remote syslog endpoint.
ops-files/add-syslog-tls.yml Requires add-syslog.yml. Configure TLS for syslog fowarding.


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/enable-nfs.yml Enables packages to be install on worker vms required for NFS -


Name Purpose Notes
ops-files/kubo-local-release.yml Deploy a local kubo release located in ../kubo-release -
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