A BOSH release that contains the notifications application and an errand to push it
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Notifications Release

This release deploys the notification service as an application onto the CloudFoundry platform. A running CF is required to deploy. The application will be deployed into the system org, and the notifications-service space. The service registers itself at the address matching http://notifications.$CF_APP_DOMAIN.


  1. Running UAA. This requirement is typically satisfied by having CloudFoundry deployed.
  2. Running MySQL instance. One option is to deploy the CloudFoundry MySQL release.

UAA Client

Notifications requires a UAA client to boot. The client can be created with the following properties:

scope: uaa.none
client_id: notifications
authorized_grant_types: client_credentials
authorities: scim.read,cloud_controller.admin



  • Use the latest notifications final release available, it generally contains bug-fixes.
  • Do not cut a release yourself unless you are very familiar wth bosh.


  1. Add SMTP properties to ./bosh-lite/notifications-smtp-stub.yml file as follows:
      host: stmp.example.com
      port: 587
      user: my-user-name
      pass: my-password
      auth_mechanism: plain
  1. Add DB properties to ./bosh-lite/notifications-db-stub.yml file for your running MySQL instance as follows:
      url: tcp://user:password@example.com:3306/dbname
  1. Generate manifest:
  1. Update the sub-modules of the release
  1. Upload latest final release from the /releases dir:
bosh upload release releases/notifications/notifications-X.yml
  1. Deploy
bosh deploy
bosh run errand deploy-notifications


In addition to the stub file properties specified in the BOSH-Lite manifest, an AWS manifest stub file will require some extra infrastructure specific fields. Included below is an example:

  availability_zone: us-east-1a